Authorized to Work in the US and Risographs of Gonzalo Guerrero

I'm American but not from the US

Authorized to Work in the US is a Brooklyn-based print operation run by Turkish-born artist Cem Kocyildirim. Kocyildirim's project was born from his struggles obtaining and keeping a visa and navigating the difficult legal landscape of working in the US:

...a foreign artist’s struggle for his work authorization in the United States. The artist ... got his OPT (F-1 Optional Practical Training) for a year. Towards the end of his OPT, the real struggle for the visa status has began... ...At the moment, he is authorized to work in the US for 3 years and looking for jobs.

authorized to work in US shirt

The risographs (presumably all designed by Kocyildirim) on are all pretty great and are available for purchase online. You can also have prints sent directly to you every month for a subscription fee:

I will be creating a limited edition prints using the newspapers from that month. The prints will be shipped to you every two months.

weird risographs

Another NYC-based risograph artist takes a similar approach to print making. I picked up this "I'm American but not from the US" print earlier in the summer at the BABZ art book fair – the same place I discovered Kocyildirim's prints. It is the work of Chilean-born NYC-based multidisciplinary designer Gonzalo Guerrero - whose style is a little more structured than Kocyildirim's and focuses more directly on societal issues involved with immigration. You can purchase this and many other great prints in Guerrero's shop.

I'm American but not from the US risographsgonzalo guerrero risograph prints

Check out more of Guerrero's work online.

Also, risographs are cool.